Putting Jay-Z in His Place for Dissin' Oasis

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Putting Jay-Z in His Place for Dissin' Oasis

Postby th05 » 06 Jan 2009, 15:14

:lol: :d
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Putting Jay-Z in His Place for Dissin' Oasis

Postby h0rse » 06 Jan 2009, 15:48

kidmercury wrote:LOL, I was hoping you all would join me in singing this song and defending the honor of Oasis. Looks like most of you (with the exception of onesimplething and Greg House) are perfectly content letting the greatest songwriter in the world being slandered, and will even hate on an honest, well-intentioned, diligent, and shockingly good looking lad like myself who stands against tyranny and in defense of the world's greatest band. Too bad.

But hey, I'm not upset about it. I mean 9/11's an inside job, as is 7/7 for those of you in London. And don't even get me started on the death of Diana. So clearly, there are bigger problems in the world than your refusal to defend Oasis. And besides, Noel and co. are tough; they're not easily discouraged, so presumably they will not be too disappointed that their fans are a bunch of cowards who will let Jay-Z openly mock Oasis for all to see. After all, Oasis already knows that you have to roll with it, and that there's no need to look back in anger.

Why did this guy just go James_G on us and start prattling on about conspiracy theories?
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Putting Jay-Z in His Place for Dissin' Oasis

Postby roisin:) » 06 Jan 2009, 23:14

LOLZ! that was funny!
i've favourited it!:p
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