some random oasis song game/challenge :D

'inet users know what to do with this one

some random oasis song game/challenge :D

Postby whatsitgottodowithyou » 04 Dec 2010, 20:40

well this is a strange original game/challenge/thing. :? basically i'll say a word that can be found in an oasis song lyric and name which song it's in.and the next person has to name as many other songs it's found in as he/she can. and start with a new word and song.heh.i predict this will fail sooner or later.but try and make it later, eh? :)

oh other people can add in to previous words if they want :d uneleased songs if you want but try not to :P erm.have fun?

the first word is: star/s (stop crying your heart out)

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