My dont look back in anger cover.

'inet users know what to do with this one

My dont look back in anger cover.

Postby armatagerob » 04 Feb 2013, 19:09

I Do Not inteed to spam or gain promotion with this.
I started to sing like 5 or 6 Months, just with some help on transposing song it would sound nice on my voice.
I dont wanna show it to my friends because I dont feel secure about it.
So why dont show it to a bunch of people I dont know? Is online anyway.
>Here it is<
You dont have to listen the whole cover if you dont want to, but alteast to the first chorus :)
I would aprecciate if you guys tell me what do you think :)
Afterwards I feel that I got support enough I'll delete this topic.
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My dont look back in anger cover.

Postby Wonsaponatime » 04 Feb 2013, 19:43

I don't have time to listen but this section is good for cover versions. :) Singing and playing get better with practice. Keep it up!
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