D'You Know What I Mean (Cover)

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D'You Know What I Mean (Cover)

Postby andrewfostermusic » 12 Aug 2016, 12:01

Hi everyone, apologies If I posted this in the wrong section.... I was messing about yesterday with a cover version of one of my favorite Oasis tracks and this is what happened. It was originally going to be a fingerpicked acoustic version but things got out of hand when the synths came out!

I've always loved the lyrics, its psychedelic nonsense but seems to make perfect sense as a slight social commentary. It's always felt quite dark to me until the chorus.

So in celebration of Noel Gallagher 's Victorious Festival appearance, 20 years of Knebworth, and the Oasis documentary out soon.. here's my cobbled together demo in ode to this monster of a track that encapsulated everything about being a teenager and leaving school out into the big wide world. :-)

Please let me know what you think x

https://soundcloud.com/andrewfostermusi ... meda-remix

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