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mods its time to clean up this site

Postby adrian-gallagher » 12 Jan 2009, 20:30

brain_of_j wrote:
Loveabadger wrote:
Artemisia wrote:
brain_of_j wrote:ok, so without wishing for this to turn into a slagging off thread - for which it will be deleted if it does - who do you feel does not get censored?

Bla maestro aka Ohacid aka Adolf Hitler (the last username is particularly annoying - and much of the stuff he's written using this name, e.g. gas chambers, inferior species,...)

Most of those users posts get dealt with, anything that slips thought the net inform myself or any of the other mods and it will be deleted

Oasis_My_Life has been banned.

Bla was banned but being an evil genius appears to have set up another account. If he acts up again he'll be banned.

I've not seen anything particularly offensive by Ohacid but by all means let us know if there..

Adolf has been banned too

We try and stay on top of keeping the Board as free of foolishness as possible, but like Mr Badger wisely said, some stuff does slip through the net. Just let us know if you see things we don't...
yeh it slips right in front of you as it seems:?
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