Best Oasis single?

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Best Oasis single?

Postby musicmatty » 03 Jan 2009, 20:14

I still wonder why I'm Outta Time isn't getting more attention
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Best Oasis single?

Postby noel_gallagher2 » 05 Jan 2009, 01:01

For me it's Don't Look Back In Anger... only cause of the A-side and Cum On Feel The Noize... and they both kicked ass on TOTP!!!

Whatever comes second with Some Might Say a close 3rd.
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Best Oasis single?

Postby jonlevi » 06 Jan 2009, 14:20

If we're not including B-Sides then = Some Might Say.

However, if we are including B-Sides, then = Some Might Say (by a distance).

I am very taken with TSOTL though, right back on form 8)

Also underrated

Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Who Feels Love
Stand By Me
Don't Go Away (ok, non-UK)
And talking of non-UK....don't forget Champers!
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