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Postby dave791 » 12 Jan 2009, 22:15

To Be Where There's Life would be a cool f**k off to anyone moaning about DOYS, cos they'd blatently be even more upset over it. An Oasis single, not written by a Gallagher? With no guitars on? Hehe.

But I think The Turning/Falling Down double a-side idea would be best. Or Waiting for the Rapture. Random, but thought I'd add...DOYS is now like this on my ipod playlist:

Bag It Up
The Turning
Waiting for the Rapture
Shock of the Lightning
I'm Outta Time
I Believe in All
To Be Where There's Life
Falling Down
Ain't Got Nothing
Boy With the Blues
Waiting for the Rapture (alternate).

I think it'sa better album. Nature of reality could have been Shock's b-side, High Horse Lady could be Outta Time's, with the remixes being the other tune. And then on the next single Soldier On could be a pretty strong b-side (by the way I like all the songs I've replaced, just think it's a better overall sounding album my way - but then I would!)
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