Live in Stockholm

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Live in Stockholm

Postby wiltteri » 21 Jan 2013, 06:40

Oasis – Live in Stockholm

Hovet, Stockholm 26.1.2006

Source: Aiwa minidisc & Vivanco mic
Taper: Wiltteri
Sound Quality: A-
Comment: Audio with pictures
Pictures: Manchester 3.7.2005, by ville paganus

01. Turn up the sun
02. Bring it on down
03. A Bell will ring

Globen, Stockholm 28.1.2009

Source: Canon powershot S5 IS, Aiwa minidisc & Vivanco mic
Taper: Wiltteri
Video Quality: B+
Sound Quality: A-/B+
Comment: Videos & audios with pictures
Pictures: Stockholm 2009, by ville paganus

04. Rock n’ roll star
05. Lyla
06. The Shock of the lightning
07. Cigs & Alcohol
08. Meaning of soul
09. Waiting for the rapture
10. Songbird
11. Ain’t got nothin’
12. I’m outta time
13. Wonderwall
14. Supersonic
15. Falling down
16. Walrus


Finnish fans travelled always to stockholm to see oasis because the band visited finland only one time, without noel, noel have bad experiences of finland from the times he was roadie of inspiral carpets. Anyways here's Liam & gang live in finland

Oasis - Ruisrock festival, Turku, Finland 2.7.2000
Source: TV (nelonen, mtv3 & jyrki)/Audience audio recording, master + generation 2 vhs tapes
Video Quality: A-/A+ (good - excellent)
Sound Quality: A-
Comment: Audios have pro & fan pictures from the concert

Liam & Alan interview + live clips(nelonen)
Liam & Alan interview + live clips(mtv3)
Liam interview + live clips(jyrki)
Go let it out(audio)
Gas panic!(audio)
Roll with it(audio)
Live forever(audio)
Champagne supernova(audio)

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Live in Stockholm

Postby Jarvis1 » 26 Jan 2013, 21:42

Thank you for the links! Especially some the interviews during the Ruisrock festival I hadn't seen before.
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