Oasis - Gleneagles in Scotland

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Oasis - Gleneagles in Scotland

Postby Wonsaponatime » 06 Feb 2014, 14:34


20 years ago today Oasis performed at the Sony Music Conference at Gleneagles in Scotland.


'Bring It on Down'
'Digsy's Dinner'
'Live Forever'
'Cigarettes & Alcohol'
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Oasis - Gleneagles in Scotland

Postby ChelyVonBitch » 06 Feb 2014, 18:01

20 years aago... mmmm well in 1994 I was 12 and I didn't know who they were :oops:
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Oasis - Gleneagles in Scotland

Postby carryusallhere » 12 Feb 2014, 17:35

thanks wonsaponatime - they were so good , so young and fresh. ("take 2 sugars in my tea",)that's a new one on me. The musicians may have got better over the years, but Tony's simple drumming worked. I'd not seen this video, thanks again
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Re: Oasis - Gleneagles in Scotland

Postby Rain » 16 Mar 2014, 09:22

Actually, Pretty cool gig and I laugh :lol: since no way Liam can pull those high notes anymore. Times changed.
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Re: Oasis - Gleneagles in Scotland

Postby Bubbabob » 16 Mar 2014, 10:36

The comment about Tony's drumming struck a chord with me. It really is true. The basic style he utilized really plays a significant role in making those songs work. Part of the magic I think.
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