'Supersonic' Remastered on Heavyweight Vinyl

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'Supersonic' Remastered on Heavyweight Vinyl

Postby Wonsaponatime » 18 Apr 2014, 03:30


To mark this year's Record Store Day, Big Brother will release a remastered replica on heavyweight vinyl of 'Supersonic', the classic debut 12 inch single from Oasis. The limited edition vinyl will be available on April 19th, 20 years on from its original release in April 1994.

For the chance to win one of four of the vinyls, head to the Oasis Instagram, or Twitter.

Winners will be contacted at 5pm on Friday 18th April.

Here is a list of the main retailers where you can find the 'Supersonic' vinyl:

Action Records, Adrians Records, Crash Records, E Head, Fidelity Entertainment, Fives, Flashback, Gatefield Sounds, Indulge Retail LTD T/A Head, Musics Not Dead (CWO), Piccadilly Records Ltd, Probe Records, Reflex, Resident, Rise Bristol, Rough Trade East, Record Collector, Rock-A-Boom, Sister Ray (2008) Ltd (CWO), Sounds Of The Universe, The Record Shop Ltd, Beggars, Banquet Retail Ltd, Record And Discs Ltd T/A Tower, Spindizzy Ltd (COA), Rise At The Gift Shop and Wallace Books Ltd T/A David’s Music (COA).
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