Be Here Now Box Set or Knebworth Box Set?

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Be Here Now Box Set or Knebworth Box Set?

Postby EFC_BELFAST » 14 Oct 2016, 11:40

Was just thinking I'd have prefered a massive box set of Knebworth this year instead of Be Here Now and instead release Be Here Now next year for the 20th anniversary.

The Knebworth box could've had both shows on Vinyl/CD/Blu-ray plus replica programme, replica tickets, poster, book with photos and t-shirt, I'd pay through the nose for it, the blu-ray could've had both shows plus a documentary on the gigs.

Tonnes of interviews have been done already about these shows so they could've put them on, interspersed with new interviews, just a thought on my part and maybe it's something the Management could look into doing next summer.
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