Be Here Now Remastered Vinyl

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Be Here Now Remastered Vinyl

Postby EFC_BELFAST » 14 Oct 2016, 20:00

On first listen the only question I had in my head is why? The sound is worse on this than the original, loads of top end and you can hardly hear the drums, oh well it's back to playing the mini disc version.

They would've had to have totally remixed this album to get rid of all the noise, I mean why did they even bother touching any of the first 3 albums, haven't been impressed by the sound on any of them so far, I didn't really expect big things and it was more the bonus stuff and overall package I was after.

I haven't unsealed the Vinyl or CD from the box set, just playing the exclusive Vinyl I got from HMV that had the Stand By Me promo 12" as a bonus.
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