same set list every night

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same set list every night

Postby Daleymod » 15 Dec 2008, 23:56

malibu barbie wrote:my first reply would be so what?

then i thought i would go down easy on yah since this is my very first post

they have the same set list every night because
think bout it (pause)(pause)(pause)
all the background graphics tape loops etc....
it would be a logistical PROGRAMMING nightmare to re-program all that s**t just for the few w**kers that complain.... plus...i think... the song list fits well together and can you imagine tearing down all the gear and rebuilding for each show

so you whine .....
OOOOH ....I am so board with these songs..... whaaaaaaaahhhh..same s**t different day
oooooooo can't they change up the set list ????? FOR ME ......
then .....if IF they did change it up... and happen to drop a song or two that YOU liked'd complain again.... AND WHINE .... where's MY SONG why did they drop it????? f**king w**kers

so how do you like me so far?



At last someone with b@lls..( & brains)
Are u the chezzy vegas baby by the way?
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same set list every night

Postby Here Is No Why » 16 Dec 2008, 00:12

they aren't half the live band they could be. mostly because of liam.
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same set list every night

Postby bloodonthetrakz » 16 Dec 2008, 13:55

bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch.... you spoiled c**ts, be thankful Oasis are even touring.
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same set list every night

Postby morninglory95 » 16 Dec 2008, 14:56

rad2356 wrote:seriously... can't they change it up once and a while?

and 'songbird' ... why play that song over other countless amazing songs in their catalog that people want to hear.

surely it can't be fun for them to play the same songs every night.
and it's also a bit disrespectful to the fans to not change it up!!!

ugh. here's hopes that they change things up tonight.
I'm pretty sure they do change it, but the songs people want to hear are Rock 'N' Roll Star, Live Forever, Don't Look Back In Anger, Lyla, Cigarettes and Alcohol, etc. They have to play the hits or else people would feel ripped off. And anyway, are you going to every single Oasis gig of this tour? What does it matter to you if they play the same songs one night as they do the next? It's not ripping you or anyone else off unless you're a millionaire flying around in a private jet going to every show.

Also, as Noel has pointed out on a number of occasions, Liam is a lazy c*nt who doesn't want to have to re-learn songs he hasn't sung in a while.

And then in the States you get all the people who have only ever heard Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova...

P.S.: Songbird is great.
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same set list every night

Postby Chopper25 » 16 Dec 2008, 16:58

lms wrote:noel made that s**t excuse about dissapointing certain people if they hear that they played a certain song one night, but didn't play the song at the next gig.

(a) that is is the shittest excuse in the world ever and does little to mask the fact that oasis is now a money making venture for noel gallagher. (i still like liam though)

(b) if he trulty believes that, then why the f**k did they drop my big mouth?

what a f**king c**t.

Why is that a sh!t excuse? I went to see Radiohead in the summer and they left out almost all of their big songs on the Tuesday and played a load of them on the Wednesday. I was gutted I missed out on a load of them.

You can't please everyone.

That said, if they don't change it next summer that really can only be viewed as lazy. I'm sure they will.
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same set list every night

Postby rad2356 » 16 Dec 2008, 17:41

you can still 'play the hits' and change the set list around. sure play 'wonderwall' and 'champange supernova' every night... but they don't even do 'live forever' anymore....

AND they have tons of hits. it's just them being lazy.. it can't be fun playing the same set every night. no way. after about 10-15 shows it has to wear on them.

still love oasis... but they are lazy c**ts.
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same set list every night

Postby supernova-atl » 16 Dec 2008, 19:39

i generally hate when bands play the same set list every night. But I love the current set list. I'd love to add in Hey now and maybe a few others, but this is the best set list I've seen oasis play.
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same set list every night

Postby rad2356 » 19 Dec 2008, 19:38

maybe noel should spend less time blogging and more time teaching the others to play 'hey now' or 'do ya know what i mean'.

sad really. andy bell must be bored as s**t. i supposed those paychecks don't hurt though... hehe.
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same set list every night

Postby Guest » 19 Dec 2008, 19:43

They are too lazy and untalented to play different songs
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same set list every night

Postby jeff1883 » 19 Dec 2008, 19:45

same setlist...that's bullshit.
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