The RAH Spoiler Thread (Thursday)

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The RAH Spoiler Thread (Thursday)

Postby bharper » 26 Mar 2010, 10:05

Just got home now from it. f**king amazing!
Whatever was fantastic as we all carried on singing for about 5mins while they walked off.
Rockin' Chair was a shock, so was Digsys dinner
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The RAH Spoiler Thread (Thursday)

Postby carryusallhere » 26 Mar 2010, 11:31

it was fantastic better than the 2007 show with Paul Weller, Noel only did his own songs Whatever my fav song was immense, plus live Dont go away what more can we want!
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The RAH Spoiler Thread (Thursday)

Postby daniboy87 » 26 Mar 2010, 12:30

Absoloutly amazing (I know Noel hates that word:d ) gig last night, it really was, right up there with the Wembley gigs.

Rockin' Chair made my night, but every track was brilliant, shame no Mani or Weller, but it really didnt matter

Those of you going tonight i'm jelous, wish I was going again
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The RAH Spoiler Thread (Thursday)

Postby fullfathom5 » 26 Mar 2010, 17:29

Best Oasis gig I've been to - ha ha!
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