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Boardwalk Manchester

Postby shaw7117 » 06 Apr 2010, 19:00

If i ever won any money on the lottery or perphaps a business loan or lottery commision. I would by the Boardwalk, and turn it into a museum to Oasis, and convert the basement back again, if possible.

To its 90 state, have a oasis bar something like hard rock cafe, sort of thing. tv's eveywhere stateing the story of the band, videos of their work. And a merchandise, room. And i would get in touch with the band to donate, items for the museum if possible. And have a fan corner, of what the band meant to them over the years.

I dont know if it would work, but i think there is a market, there people come all over the world to manchester not just for Oasis but for the Madchester era as well.
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