Knebworth Video?

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Knebworth Video?

Postby TENJR44 » 17 Mar 2012, 20:32

Does anyone know where I can get a video of the Knebworth shows? I've seen clips on several documentaries so I know there's copies out there. Much appreciated!
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Knebworth Video?

Postby Wonsaponatime » 17 Mar 2012, 21:40

The gigs have never been officially released but many of the Knebworth bootlegs can be found on YouTube. An official clip of 'Champagne Supernova' featuring John Squire on guitar was released with the limited edition version of 'Stop The Clocks' and can be seen below.

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Knebworth Video?

Postby carryusallhere » 20 Mar 2012, 23:54

oh that takes me back to my very first Oasis gig so memorable I feel so emotional now cos I took my niece (or she took me) and now she is expecting twins! We always got emotional during Champagne Supernova, at every show since. We were both at the o2 in London for Noel
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