The next noel and "beady eye" records

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The next noel and "beady eye" records

Postby jintony » 30 Aug 2010, 12:03

Gemsplectrum wrote:Beady Eye are gonna have to go some to impress me bearing in mind it's Liam's fault Oasis are over and Gem and Andy sided with him when i though they should've remained neutral. Liam can't sing anymore, fact. Oasis couldn't have carried on as a live band because of this, which is what happened to The Beatles when Lennon's voice went.

Why is it Liam's fault oasis split? It was Noel that walked out. Plus Gem has not sided with Liam, he played with Noel at the tct gigs plus went to see the coral with Noel this year.
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