Does everyone have to deal with it?

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Does everyone have to deal with it?

Postby smugoasisfan » 03 Mar 2011, 02:19

That’s not to say the record isn’t without its faults. After the initial nostalgic reverie of the opening three tracks follows the sobering comedown. First single Bring The Light is Status Quo gone honky-tonk, made even more cringeworthy with inane lyrics like “Baby hold on, baby come on”. Beatles And Stones is a ridiculous collage of rock n’ roll cliché, immediately ripping off My Generation by The Who before taking the listener on a guided tour of tired allusions to the 60s. Unashamed lifting of ideas, invented decades ago and rehashed countless times since, litter this album like cups of piss at Knebworth 1996. At times it’s so blatant that you’re sure they’re joking around. They probably are.
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Does everyone have to deal with it?

Postby shakermakerman » 04 Mar 2011, 22:16

Greg House wrote:

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