Would really like some help from dedicated Oasis fans

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Would really like some help from dedicated Oasis fans

Postby georgia83 » 13 Oct 2011, 20:34

well....here are mine: :)

1.i was about 15 yeard old when i was in my parents' room watching Tv and i suddenly listened to 'Live Forever' or 'Supersonic'- i cant remember- on a music station...i was hooked,that was a strong 'click'.........i learned the band's name and then i came across 'Rock N Roll star' 'Shakermaker'...i was feeling something deep inside,i knew it i found something that really expressed what i was,something completely different from what i heard so far....and i was staring at Liam and was thinking,awww my God what awesome eyes,movement, voice,and Noel Guigsy Bonehead and Tony and thought'how Rock n roll are these men'...i knew it ,that there was something emerging in my life.it was a feeling*******

2.yes,im :oops: but there were.it's the first time i confess that:well when i was about 15,i was putting 'Definately Maybe' and 'Whats The Story-Morning Glory' cds on the player and i was pretending to be Liam and i was starting singing all the songs,having my hands tied behind,singing like Liam,taking Liam's stance...i enjoyed it much,i must say,as if i was out clubbing.as far as clothes are concerned,i once bought one pair of trousers that were just the same as those Liam wore in 'Roll With It 'video....8):!: :oops: it was just the same!!i used to wear them with a pair of boots and simple t-shirts... it wasnt very girly but,anyway...i was very affected by Liam.......

3.Definitely.behind Oasis,there certainly was a British philosophy......before Oasis appeared,British music scene was dead.nothing was being heard.there was silence.Oasis was a 'bam' an explosion,a revival.Oasis itself was a philosophy.it was about working class that had found it's heroes.that great talents emerged from the working class.also,a way of 'rock n roll way of living' emerged.young people were given new ways to cut their hair,new ways to dress simply and rock n roll...new vocabulary,new team of people,the 'mad-fer-its'.a wa y of life with love,no drugs,full of rock n roll and honesty,going out at night in Hacienda and other historic rock venues.Oasis affected their generation.Oasis was a Mancunian philosophy.i felt it


4.NEVER.esp.in the period when press was dealing with their father and his disappearance...actually,most of times,what i heard and read on the press about them,was usually a praise and so,it stressed their 'idol power'much more.........

thats my story looooool!
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