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beady eye help!

Postby georgia83 » 07 Oct 2011, 21:19

Staypurty! wrote:Wear a picture of kermit the frog. With the Word shiiiitteeeeeeeeee underneath.


i almost always wear an Oasis' t-shirt for a gig,i think it's very cool...8) ive got one grey with blach short sleeves and a red stamp and white letters which reads Oasis.i bought it in 2000 when Liam came in Greece in the very venue:d now it's a bit small for me so im planning to buy a new one,any time soon!:d i also used to wear it on my everyday life with a jeans,in summer,and it feels very cool and proud....

ill never buy a Beady Eye shirt,though...:cry: ill still will be wearing an Oasis one8) 8) 8) .*
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