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Last game at Maine Road

PostPosted: 12 Dec 2014, 16:51
by JoeJ
Hi all,

About the last game at Maine Road in 2003 - I was arguing with some friends recently about why Oasis didn't play at it.

I was of the opinion that the band were within their rights to turn it down on 'musical integrity' grounds. Because the band had already played the venue in 96, it would be a 'backwards step' for them to play the same venue to a smaller crowd of less-appreciative (football) fans several years later. I was saying that the integrity of the band as a musical act should prioritise them playing the venue regardless of the football team they support (not all of them were City/football fans at the time either).

Why would a band go back and play a venue they've already conquered? Bands worthy of 'world's biggest' status pick their gigs carefully, and should always move in a forward direction until there's nowhere else to go.

I think it would risk smearing the memory of that for the benefit of a two-three song set in front of people who aren't all Oasis fans. Basically, musical integrity should come first for a self-respecting band, regardless of what football team they support.

My friends were arguing that Oasis had the chance to go down in history by playing the last game at Maine Road (I say they've already created their own history there), and that as massive City fans this should prioritise whether they've played the venue before or not. They were saying they should do it as a favour to the club they apparently love.

Has anyone ever seen/read any interviews with the band that give reasons for not playing Maine Road last game? Were they on tour (checking album dates it doesn't look like it)? Or did they give any other reasons?

Any response or info would be appreciated. Cheers.