Better guitar than the Epi Casino

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Better guitar than the Epi Casino

Postby wastra » 27 Oct 2009, 14:48

SuperNovaMike wrote:
wastra wrote:The Quality control at gretsch has gone way downhill since Fender bought them. That being said, it's hard to compare a guitar with humbuckers vs. one with p-90s, and Epiphone has always had quality control issues of its own (though rarely with the casinos and hollow/semi-hollow bodies). If this were being compared to an Epiphone Swingster, which is a similar-shaped hollow body with humbuckers, I couldn't imagine how it wouldn't sound better since Epiphone's humbucker pickups are...well...not so good.

It's nice to have the Bigsby factory-installed, though. Epi only provides that on their limited edition Casinos that can be hard to find new.

Yep, Gretsch hasn't been as good since Fender bought them, I agree. This guitar that I played however was top notch. I couldn't find one thing wrong with it. I want a new hollow body and I think I might get this instead of a Casino. I'm talking about the foreign made Casinos btw. The Elitist ones and John Lennon versions are amazing.

I love Epiphones (probably my favorite guitars) and they can be great if you modify them a little bit. Putting in some good pick ups makes all of the difference in the world. I have no idea why Epi doesn't put Bigsby's on more of their guitars. They would make tons more cash. Just imagine how many people would buy a Sheraton with a factory Bigsby. I know I would.

Agreed. I would point out that Epi's P-90s are pretty nice pickups...they're among the only standard Epi pickups that are worth keeping.

The older mini-humbuckers they used to put on rivieras were nice, too.

I used to be a huge epiphone fan until they started jacking up their prices about 2-3 years ago. When an Epi Les paul standard was $300US, it was a great gutiar. At almost $600US, it's ridiculous when sells equal-quality Agile Les Pauls for $300.

I still like their hollow and semi-hollow guitars, but their standard stuff is just overpriced now.
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