casino or dot?

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casino or dot?

Postby boobaloo » 11 Jan 2010, 21:00

There is so many words said in this secion, yet i understand so little
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casino or dot?

Postby Gemsplectrum » 02 Feb 2010, 18:04

Very simple, i've owned both...

CASINO - every time. Dot's are s**t unless they're Gibsons.
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casino or dot?

Postby chewy515 » 16 Feb 2010, 14:36

even sheratons come with ribbish pick ups, if you're willing to change them (good ones are expensive) then get one.

casino is a beatles tone, struggles with feedback when cranked up.
rivieras are great.

dots are average guitars, although if you put new pick ups in them, they'll sound and play great.
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