Lemmy is Dead

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Lemmy is Dead

Postby James Lavelle » 29 Dec 2015, 12:05

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James Lavelle
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Re: Lemmy is Dead

Postby yokel » 29 Dec 2015, 13:10

Even if you weren't a fan of his music, you can't really question his rock n roll credentials.
Who will carry the rock n roll torch now?
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Re: Lemmy is Dead

Postby excelgum » 01 Jan 2016, 01:13

I am way more sad about Scott Weiland's death to be honest. This song will always be one of my faves of all time:
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Re: Lemmy is Dead

Postby Greg House » 15 Jan 2016, 12:08

For a minute there I thought the real Lemmy had died.
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Greg House
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Re: Lemmy is Dead

Postby johnmartinmarr » 16 Jan 2016, 13:08

how many good posts did Cancer Lemmy have on oasisinet.com/forums? how many diskettes full of old pics we posted in the fans section did he have? exactly. good riddance bruv
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