Why is my order still processing?

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Why is my order still processing?

Postby LylaTheSongbird » 15 Sep 2014, 22:25

I ordered something from the store on the 26th August and it still says processing even though I have paid and the item is in stock. Is that normal?
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Re: Why is my order still processing?

Postby Wonsaponatime » 16 Sep 2014, 00:36

Hi. Sorry you have been kept waiting. I think the best thing to do is contact Sandbag who look after our online store at orders@sandbag.uk.com. They should be able to look into your order and help you from there. Thank you.
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Re: Why is my order still processing?

Postby lizzyV823 » 04 Nov 2016, 16:48

I am having the same problem. I've contacted Sandbag twice with no reply. At this point, I'm getting ready to have paypal refund my order, and will be contacting the Better Business Bureau. Absolutely ridiculous; terrible customer service.
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Re: Why is my order still processing?

Postby bigmickh » 07 Nov 2016, 13:37

I also have the same problem ,ordered the welcome to manchester poster 17th october(meant to ship 28th) ,sent at least 5 emails with the same automatic reply ,so now my hands been forced to get paypal to step in ,the site is really dreadful for getting an email responded too !
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