McCarroll’s day in The Sun

from today’s edition of The Sun by Dominic Mohan:

“Tony McCarroll could have been living off Oasis royalties for the rest of his life. Greatest hits albums, video compilations, money from advertising deals — he would be entitled to a cut from all future releases featuring his drumming.

“Instead, on Wednesday in the High Court, he agreed to give up any future royalties in return for a lump sum of 550,000. An estimated 250,000 of Tony’s payout goes on legal fees. He is taxed on the rest.

“As his old pal Liam sings on ‘Champagne Supernova’: ‘Why? Why? Why? Why?

“I’m told that Oasis would have been prepared to accept his buy-out proposal at the outset without even going to court — saving him a few hundred grand in legal fees.

“What Tony failed to realise was that he effectively held a lottery ticket which would mean he’d carry on winning every year.

“Picture the scene: It’s 2002 and a car company pay Oasis 5 million to use ‘Live Forever’ in one of their commercials.Tony would have been entitled to a 20% cut. Now he won’t get a penny.

“I reckon Tony McCarroll is the biggest mug in showbiz since the Decca Records executive who turned down the Beatles. As he left court, he held his arm aloft as if in victory. He should have been weeping.

“Mad fer it? Just plain mad, more like.”